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What’s been going on lately…and what will happen soon….watch to know why. Don’t want to give it away. lol. Love you guys! Hope everyone is having an awesome Friday so far!

Christmas sweaters anyone? haha hope you guys enjoy this new video!

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I posted a new DIY video today! Check it out if you haven’t already :)

What are you getting your parents for Christmas? Here are a few inexpensive DIY ideas :)

I have a new video! Hope you guys are having a happy Tuesday so far!! Stay positive, and its almost Thanksgiving! Do you guys have any plans? Who’s going black friday shopping?!

NEW VIDEO! Hope you guys like it! Did I mention any of your favorites, or if you have products to recommend me? Please let me know in the comments! Take care guys!

Get ready with meeeeeee ;)

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New video on Michelle Phan’s line, Em Cosmetics. Let me know if you guys like these first impression videos! Thanks for watching :)

New video! I talk about my favorite foods, fashion items, beauty products, and even who’s my favorite beauty guru! Please give the video a thumbs up if you liked it! Thanks!

Please check out my new video if you haven’t already!

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New Video! Watch me get ready for a day for school, a casual date, or just hanging out with friends!

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How will you be celebrating Valentine’s Day? Will you be dressing up? Here are some outfit ideas in case you are still thinking of what to wear! :) Enjoy.

One of my most highly requested videos. Hope you guys find this helpful!

How I Cured My Back Acne


New vlog!

Episode 30: “Excited to See the Baby?!”

New Video!

Get Ready with Me: Christmas Family Parties

What are you wearing for your family parties?