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December 21 2003 - he asked me to be his girlfriend. i said YES.
December 21 2011 - he asked me to be his wife. i said YES.

Our Story. he was my first crush back in Kindergarten (1992) until I moved away in the 3rd grade to where I currently live. he also moved at the end of the year but to a different town where he currently lives as well. our families were friends but we didn’t keep in touch. fast forward to december 15 2003 when I mentioned his name to a friend during lunch while discussing first crushes. she claimed to have met him once through her friend and surprised me with his cell# the next day. I texted him that night introducing myself and just saying hi and if he wanted to catch up. He called me that night (17th) and we clicked. We talked every night for at least an hour until the 19th, when we were on the phone at 11pm, talking and trying to stay awake as long as possible to see the sunrise together. I knocked out before the sun came up but he stayed on. That day, the 20th we met up in person for the first time in years. We instantly clicked and the chemistry & attraction was more than I could’ve imagined existed. When he asked me to be his girlfriend the very next day, I said yes.

A {ChieZie} Proposal. - It was our 8 year anniversary and he kept our date location a secret. I was blindfolded and guessed we’d be having dinner somewhere nice, since he told me to dress up. Well, it’s good I dressed up because he took me to Prom. I didn’t go to my high school prom (my parents wouldn’t allow me to go to both mine & his prom so I chose his) and always wondered ‘what if’. Not only did I get to go to prom, but he proposed to me right then and there, in front of family and friends. Also, you won’t be able to see from this angle, but the ring was encased in a Pokeball.. which is why he says “I Choose You.” He’s a Pokemon geek :)

Sometime in 2014, when the minister asks me to take him as my husband, I will say I DO.

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